Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ava doing chocolate pudding finger painting with Nanna a couple weeks ago (just found the pic in the archives...) Posted by Picasa

Ava and Momma hanging out at swim lessons. Posted by Picasa

What a cutie!! Posted by Picasa

Learning to "cup" those hands and swim to Teacher Josh. Posted by Picasa

Big kicks from swimmer-Joe yesterday! Posted by Picasa

Our newest niece!! Grace Townsend Busch--2 months old. Posted by Picasa
After many inquiries regarding the new address, nope--we haven't yet found a home...we are still waiting for Blue Lake.
Pray for something to open up that we: A) Can afford, and B) We both like. :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jonah Fred Posted by Picasa

Jon and Rellie at the zoo Posted by Picasa

Jonah and Ava! Posted by Picasa

Jon and Ava at the zoo. Posted by Picasa

Jonah at the zoo last week! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 01, 2005

Jonah prayed for Ava tonight as we tucked her into bed. This is what he said:
"Jesus, thank you for Ava, and um, send your angels here to betect (protect) her, and um, help her to grow up to be a nice girl, and um, thank you that we have good manners, and help us to have the food we like. Amen!"
Friday night, after the kids are all tucked into bed, Jonah came downstairs...
Jonah: "Dad, Momma forgot to give me chocolate. "
Jon: "Go back to bed, Jonah. "
Jonah heads up the basement stairs and encounters Nana in the family room on the main floor.
Jonah: "My dad's the boss. "
On Saturday Jonah was helping Jerry with some sprinkler stuff. After checking about three sprinklers, Jonah told him, "I yawned, Pop Pop, so I think I'm tired."