Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's been a long time...

Sorry I've not been a good friend lately. Nor a good blogger...But I suppose you all have to forgive me as most of you are my family anyway.
Have you noticed the amazing quantities of blogs out there these days? There's a reason they call it a "Blogosphere", my friends. In some ways I feel that we can't even compete for your attention, so then I just give up and post random pictures from my husbands iPhone, without even a comment to clue you in on what's going on...yup, real good blogger, here! (BTW, I just checked and we have had 42k visitors on our blog! Wow. Now I feel even worse! Thanks for regularly checking to see if I'm not lame anymore!)
All this is just by way of explanation, as though you needed one. You see, we have the Littlest One now, and Number 3 requires not a little attention, too. So please, stick with us, stay tuned, and pray that someday, someday...the Blogger in me will reawaken and you will all be regularly updated once more...

Friday, March 05, 2010

Solar Energy, & Other Important Matters...

Ava Lou has been making me laugh today with these:
"I asked Boo if she wanted my macanoni and she yessed her head!"

"When Abram's eating oatmeal...and I see him squish all that stuff out of his just makes me...wanna...THROW UP!"

"Mom, I LOVE handwriting. I am going to do THREE sheets of handwriting today, and still more tomorrow!"

You may think I'm going overboard with the exclamation marks, but that's sooooo Ava. She doesn't walk, she skips; she runs laps around the dining room table. We read in our science book yesterday that if we could harness the sun's energy for 1 second it would power the United States for 9 million years....I think Ava's energy might do the same for the U.S. of A., but it would only power Brynne for 3 seconds.
Brynne, who tells me ten times a day "I'm ready go for my birthday!"
We catch her running laps around the table regularly, too.
At bedtime she tells me "Lemme kiss Abey. Now lemme squeeze him. Now lemme look at him." Then to Daddy, "I just tell you..." and she whispers nonsense in his ear. Yesterday she hopped in a locker at the Community Center where we do swim lessons and we played a good joke on Jonah and Ava ("Where's Brynne go?!")
Not as many constant exclamation marks in the speech with this girl, but they're there when she sings/yells: "I got a date with YOOOOOOUUUUUU TONIGHT!"
(Case in point: Brynne just saw the picture of herself in the locker on this post and said "Oh, Momma, das Boo-Boo. Das soooo cute.")

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jonah & Friends at Sk8 Church

Jonah goes to this every Wednesday night; it helps to get the wiggles out! Jon used to go to High School skate church long, long ago...

Dressing Up