Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Continuing the Jonah Gallery:
Lego Ferrari

The best Daddy in the world!
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The other day Ava had the flu (then we all got it!). I was trying to keep our stir-crazy boy busy and let him take some pictures. Here is the Jonah Gallery:
We call this one "Overexposed"


Let there be light!

Self-portrait numero dos
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, here I am folks! (In all my glory! haha) Just 4 or 5 weeks left to go and counting. We were a bit concerned because Monday the baby was sideways, but we had an ultrasound today and she is head-down and ready to go (as long as she stays that way!). I got a really amazing look at her today through the ultrasound--she looked just like Jonah! I wish I could figure out our scanner so I could post the picture, but we will all meet her soon enough, I guess...well, maybe not soon enough for me! :)
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For those of you who have seen the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," here is Ava's rendition of the bad guys coming out of the ocean (they were trying to be sneaky and look like they were in a tube thing from a ship).

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jonah woke up crying the other night: Mommy, I had a bad dream!
Elisabeth, rolling over, groggily looks at clock, it's 1:46am: What? Jonah, climb up--what was your dream about?
Jonah, still crying: I was the only one in the whole world who had a monkey tail!
Elisabeth, waking up more: A monkey tail?
Jonah, starting to panic now: Pray! Pray to Jesus that I don't grow one!

First tooth update:
The tooth fairy brought Jonah a dollar and put it under his pillow Friday night. I was so paranoid that Jonah's little tooth would get lost under said pillow that I had him put it in his little "First Tooth" silver box first. The next morning Jonah came running in to our room, early, I might add: "Momma! The Tooth Fairy took the whole box!"
Then when the box didn't reappear under his pillow on Sunday morning he went to church and told his whole Sunday School class about how the Tooth Fairy took his little box! Luckily she brought it back the next night and it is safely stowed away with his tooth inside for posterity to behold...
I caught Ava playing Mommy with her dollies yesterday: "OK, you eat, you eat, you eat, you eat (going in a circle). Now you play, you play, you play, you play." Do I really sound like that?! So bossy! haha

And here she is posing with all her babes (the one on the left in the red overalls might look familiar to my fam--my mom made me MJ when I was little--I named him after my dad). The funny thing is, Ava has never been interested in playing dolls and I was starting to wonder...especially with the new baby coming, but she is All Mommy now! She keeps stealing the little baby clothes I have washed and folded for our new baby and dressing her babies up in them. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jonah lost his first tooth tonight while eating pizza!! He bit in, felt it pop, and it was hanging there, so Daddy grabbed it and out it came. He was so excited! What a big boy. Posted by Picasa