Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Marcus has a twin!!

Oh my! My nephew Seth will be happy to know that BABY MARCUS' long-lost twin sister has been Portland! Baby Matilda was uncovered in a dark closet (poor girl) and the trauma has left her with a few screws loose...we found her on top of the lamp this morning.

We were able to coax her down with a nice cup of tea. Hopefully she won't be as wild and wacky as Marcus! They even gave him his own blog to document all his adventures. We heard he was found on the roof of their house and even took the car out without permission! Maybe Matilda will be heading into that closet again soon. . .
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7 weeks

Abram is 7 weeks in these photos. The time passes so quickly; we are taking every opportunity to enjoy him!

This picture makes me laugh--it's like he's trying to figure out what the heck Daddy is doing!
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Accurate Acrostics?

The kids worked on these acrostics for Language Arts the other day. You gotta love the misspellings!
Jonah first:

F-faster at eating
A-and he's dashing
T-the best dad
E-everything good at
R-really awesome!

V-very cute
A-a great girl

O-olimpic (he explained that this means I am competitive!)
T-the butifalist
R-rather pretty

Ava made these:

J-jam lover
O-OK but nice
N-nice and wunderful
A-akshin (action) goooooooood
H-he always has a hand

B-big but difrent (different)
O-olwaes (always) comes when we cry
S-shes like a sister
U-un fer getubl (unforgettable)

P-plays stufd anumals
G-graet frend
E-extra fun
A-always plays with me
(this is supposed to spell Paige, her best friend and also a Durias).