Sunday, October 28, 2007

"What" is going on here!

This blog is "awesome". And so is This one. I think that second one is much needed--why the heck do churches have those signs? And if they MUST have the sign, can't they just post actual scriptures??
Two long standing pet peeves of mine...

Coins and Cakes

This morning I was getting ready in the bathroom while Jonah and Ava were playing "Coin Adventures" in Jonah's bedroom. I am not sure of the rules of this particular form of make-believe, but I know that they pretend the coins (pennies, dimes, nickels) are little people and make little houses for them, etc. This is what I overheard:
Ava: Jonah, pretend that it's this guys married day and they were going to have a party to celebrate.
Jonah: No, Ava, it's a party to celebrate that he killed the dragon and rescued the princess.
Ava: But, Jonah! I want it to be his married day! He needs to get married!
Jonah: Why do you always want to make it into such girl-ish stuff?
(then a few minutes later). . .
Ava: So it's his married day and they are going to kill the dragon, right?
So funny.
Then, in Arizona, we celebrated Jon's 33rd birthday. At dinner I said to the kids "Let's tell Daddy what we like the best about him." Ava said, "I like his cake!"

Arizona 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back to the Rain

Well, it sure makes for beautiful scenery...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Arizona, here we are!

Our little family has been enjoying some R & R with Jon's folks in the warm Phoenix area.
Yesterday Ava told me that the tiny linen closet is Poppop's closet because he's smaller than God. And every morning she wakes up at 7am and says "I think it's light enough to watch cartoons!" Jonah's the little fishy and is jumping off the ledge from the hot tub into the pool and shouting "Geronimo!" with a hard "G". So cute! He's definitely our phonics boy.
Jon's been swimming laps at the clubhouse pool and is on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans (and for the perfect price!).
Jon and Jerry watched the kids today while Louise and I went to a movie, Costco, and I had to get a pedicure, of course!
Nope, I don't miss the rain one teeny, tiny little bit.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elisabeth's rational and irrational fears...part one

I have a fear of lice. Yes, that is a picture of a human head louse. If I ever had that on my body I think I would throw up. And go buy about 10 bottles of lice shampoo and then do enough laundry to cleanse a third-world country. I took a bunch (well, 6) of kids to a movie today and was reminded once again of this fear (you'll never put your head back against that seat without thinking of it now, either). None of my kids have ever had lice, but let me tell you, this is one of my main reasons for homeschooling...well, sort of kidding.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Little Blueberry Tart

She looks cute enough to eat!
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Look at that tongue

Does it GET any cuter?!
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Thursday, October 04, 2007

OOooooooh Yeeeaaah...

You may have seen this before...Randy "Macho Man" Savage has long been Jon's fav wrestler (not that he watches it anymore)...but Jon put this pic as himself on Facebook. What? You've never heard of Facebook, you say? Weeeeelll, let me invite you to be my friend...

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Kahneeta Sept 2007

Here'a a few more pics of Kahneeta (I actually can't remember if I ever posted any, and I am too lazy to go look so here's four in case I never did)...This boy was so cute on his bike in his jammies...

You gotta have at least a BITE of Indian Fry Bread...

"You got enough to share with a pal?"

Ava was so funny...Every morning Louise would take her and Shadow on a walk thru the campground and thru the teepees (in the background of last picture). Ava would not go NEAR the teepees at first "just in case the Indians were at home"...
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