Monday, July 30, 2007

Go Figure

Ava does this thing where, instead of saying that she figured something out, she says she realized it. But today while trying to go through a locked door she said: "It wouldn't open aden (and then) I figurelized that it was locked!"


So, this is a little silly, but heh, I was bored. Me, Simpsonized. Except it gave me brown hair. Check it out and Simpsonize yourself.

Camping at Promontory Park

Tayla and Jessica with baby Brynne
Jon and a few others on the rope swing across the river
Malcolm being silly "Ride 'em cowboy!"

Jonah jumped in and didn't realize how c-c-cold the water was! Needless to say, he got right back out.

Without planning to, almost everyone brought hot dogs to roast around the fire for lunch, and below the kiddos playing on the rocks by the campsite.

We got back from camping yesterday afternoon and all of us were so tired! Every year I am left wondering why we do this to ourselves...rush rush to get packed, rush to get there so we can sit and sit and sit on our behinds and then realize the kids have managed to escape again so we chase the kids down. We make meals that would be easier prepared at home, then haul everything over to the sink to do the dishes; haul the chairs from one campsite to another to visit with everyone; go to bed late and wake up WAY too early. . . But every year I come home with my head swimming with things talked about, good convos and silly fellowship (Bear Grisly or Grisle or whatever his name is?!?!), and pranks pulled (and thwarted: "McClung!").
Then I remember that one of the reasons we go is to see our friends (and so they can see us) at their worst, or is it their best? And this is beautiful: A community sharing coffee at seven in the morning and two in the afternoon, making s'mores, eating meals together around a campfire or a picnic table, borrowing someone's ketchup, sharing the load of watching out for each other's kids, seeing everyone without makeup or hairspray or blowdryers. And then I realize what perhaps everyone else already knows and doesn't even need saying: That all the work and planning and frustration of camping is part of the deal. That without the cost, without the price of my sleep, the fellowship just wouldn't be as sweet. I mean, just the chance to have "church" outside around a fire ring on a Friday night or a Sunday morning when hardly anyone's had a shower and we are all real and laid bare before the Lord and each other makes all the work worth it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

And you shall call her...

Princess Boo-Boo!
Those crazy kids. I don't even know how this picture got on my camera!
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The finished product!

I found my camera cable (only the second place I looked!) and here are some shots of the new fence! I know this is not too exciting for most of our blog-audience, but try to imagine the relief a mother feels knowing her kidlets are safe and secure, with not a chance of escape (unless they go down the driveway onto the busy street...yikes!) Then you will understand my excitement. Plus that ugly holly monstrosity of a bush is gone and I think the backyard looks much bigger and prettier without it. :)
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Building a Fence!

Jon and our friend Peter built a fence to enclose our backyard a couple of weeks ago. They did a great great great job and I am so happy with the way it turned out! (Can you tell that I like it?!?!) More pics of the finished result coming soon . . . I can't find my camera cable to download the pictures. . .

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Rooster Rock

Two girls got baptised (or is it spelled baptized??): Annie on the left and Mariah (Paul's daughter) on the right.

Walking out...

Some freaky guy got in my picture. Just kidding, Peter!

They rented an inflatable velcro wall--Jonah had fun jumping and getting stuck to it before he rolled off the side and landed on his head! Don't worry, he's fine. We think. I mean, his eyes are a little crossed now, but that's okay, right? ;)
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Rooster Rock '07

Our church goes to Rooster Rock every year for a baptism service. This happened about a month ago, but with our crazy life I am just now getting around to posting these pics. Above: Paul (our pastor) doing what he does best.
Two cuties, Poppy Anderson on the left and Coral Anderson (no, they're not related, but it's interesting that Poppy's mom's name is also Coral Anderson...)
Our friend Beverly picking up the little nugget. I love this shot.
Jonah and Jon listening to Paul lay it all out.
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More at the Reunion...

A little snuggle caught on film
Jonah was busy on the other side of the table for quite a while the first night. I went over to check out what he was up to...he had four plates laid out with a hot dog and two pickles on each! When asked what he was doing, he said he was getting food for his family. So sweet.
Most of the old gang. :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Multnomah Reunion

This weekend I had my ten-ish year (has it really been that long???) reunion from Multnomah Bible College! It was soooooo great to see old faces and get caught up with old friends!
(Click photo to enlarge; Ava's in the front row, Elisabeth and Jonah in the second row on the right, and Jon was late from playing basketball)
Oh, and just so you know, the cafeteria we ate in was NOT this nice when we went there (the new one has chandeliers!!)...the food wasn't as good when we went (I think I lived on Captain Crunch)...and there were a lot more people in our class that couldn't make it for the weekend (there were not like 20 people in our graduating class). ;0) But the meetings with Ian playing our old worship songs and Dr. Jeff (Dave--inside joke, ian) Arthurs sharing were amazing and really reminiscent of old times when a lot of growing and heart change took place. We were so blessed by everything about this weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brynne Elisabeth

We had some photos taken of Brynne last week! These are just a few of this age she reminds me so much of Ava with the round head and of Jonah with her blue eyes and light hair (what little she has!). I guess you could say we think she's kinda cute. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beautiful Baby

Brynne Elisabeth
4 months
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4th of July (a little late)

We went to Pat and Ernie's for the are the only two pictures we took! But check out the crowd across the lake at the park! Yikes! It was super fun and we met some really nice people, ate good food, and had a wonderful time.

You gotta love all the necklaces this girl wears!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hiking AGAIN?!?!

Well, we wanted Jon to be able to go on a hike with us, so we went on a Wednesday night a few weeks ago. He was always so sad when we'd fill into the gas station to fill-up on the way to our Saturday jaunts. So here we are...on a fun and easy hike in the gorge, a picnic dinner, rock "climbing" for the kiddos, and good fellowship--who could ask for more???

A bridge to climb and skip on and spit from...

Our cute boy. (remember, click=bigger)

Ava with Bepo on the top of a rock. We are trying to make lots of fun memories before she moves to Romania...some love stored up in our hearts from her.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Jedi Training Camp

Jonah decided that Ava needed to train to be a Jedi.

Our little Padawans...oh, actually, Jonah informed me that he is a Jedi Master and Ava is the Padawan. :)

A pretty cute Rellie-Jedi!
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A Little Daddy Time

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