Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping with the Mamas

Jon & I took the kids up to Washington last week for a mini-reunion of old college friends. While I never actually paid rent at Brooke and Dorina's, they probably should have started charging me as I was over there nearly everyday for two years. We had so much fun and since none of us live in the same city it was great to catch up and let the kids get to know one another as well.

L-R Back Row: Jon, Paige, Addysen, Brynne, Ava, Micah, Dorina
Front Row: Jonah (the non-smiler), Steve, Brooke, Elisabeth w/ Abram, Alysha, Morgan, and Janessa
(Phew--say that ten times fast)

This group was really out of control. No alcohol required.
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Playing at the playground

Poosey and Gooey--what a pair

Steve and Gooey--Brooke (Steve's wife) calls him the Baby Whisperer

Three Silly Mamas
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Ava (7) and Alysha C. (6)

Booboo's thinking about going on the zipline....

Abey would love to but he had to stay with mama for this one...

She got all ready about 4x, to back off each time. Maybe next year!
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Zipline Time

Oh Yeah, Baby

A little hesitant at first

She managed like the trooper she is! She went again and again and....
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The Cowlitz River with its awesome warm water inlets--a kids paradise, complete with polywogs.

Just a little Dare-Devil time
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Brooke became famous with the kiddos for her stories about a girl named "Jizzy" who had some very interesting siblings...

Game time when the kids are asleep

Steve striking a pose with his Cheezy goodness

That Dr. Thunder is hard to beat (so I hear)
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The Original "Mamas"

I have a fwashwight!

Cheese! Waiting for supper.

Story-time around the fire
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look Who's 1!

The Big Boy!
Happy Birthday Gooey!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

One. Two. Three. Four Leetle Rabbits.

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One. Two. Three. Four More Leetle Rabbits.

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No Words Needed

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Foggy Us.

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Just Us.

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You Just Never Know

What she'll do next...
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What's She Thinkin'?

This one makes me laugh. Boo is so funny. And this is SOOOO Boo.
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Cute Head

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A Few More...

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