Friday, December 24, 2010

A Few Days Away

Jon's folks took care of all four kidlets so that Jon and I could get away and rest for a few days. That coupled with a very good Groupon deal put us in one of the nicest hotels in our own town! We were so blessed to enjoy some much needed sleep, conversation, and running around town together. Thanks Poppops and Nannie!

Christmas Tea

So Auntie Heather, Nana, and I took the girls to a French Cafe for a little more Christmas celebrating! We enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee, and water but somewhere we forgot to order the tea. A few very yummy french pastries filled our tummies and we were off to watch Tangled at the theater. It was a very fun day. :)

First Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and in keeping with a tradition my family had growing up, I let the kids open a gift from grandparents today. Abram will join in next year ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monte Cristo with Bacon

Oh man, I had the best sandwich today while Jon and I were out to lunch. I set out to recreate it for my family's dinner. Twice in one day, not enough. If I weren't so full I would eat another. ;)
Start out with sourdough bread, dip it in a French toast batter then grill 'til toasty. Add mayo, ham, turkey, extra sharp cheddar, bacon, and BBQ chips. The restaurant had jam on it (a traditional Monte Cristo has strawberry jam I believe; the restaurant had apple butter). Then enjoy with a Jubelale!
Sooooo good!

Annual Christmas Dessert

Every year my best friends and I take our girls to a fancy restaurant for a fun Christmas dessert. This year the fancy restaurant was my house ;)
It was so fun and this is the first year that Brynne joined us. That's her head not looking at the camera ;)

Mary and a Sheep with Nana

Can you see Sheepy-Brynne in the middle guarding her baby? She was ready to throw down if anyone touched it :)

Boo guarding her baby doll (baby Jesus)

Singing "Silent Night"

Mary with Joseph and her "donkey"

The Angel Gabriel

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nativity

Ava was Mary in our Christmas play today.
More pictures to come...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Jonah and Brynne were playing with the Little People Nativity set...
Mom: Look Jonah, this looks like the spaceship.
Joe: What spaceship?
Mom: In the Bible.
Joe: What Bible...?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Cali Part 2

8 hours on day 2 got us to my sister JoAnna's house where we had a blast for 5 days! The kids went with the daddy's and Papa Mel to Knott's Berry Farm one day, Jo and I got lots of hang out time, we got to enjoy Micah doing a solo lip sync, the girls bonded over the curling iron, and we also got lots of time with Gammie, Bepo, and Bela. The last day my Aunt Linda and Uncle Dean drove over from Long Beach with their granddaughter, Lexus, and my cousin Joel and his wife Christy. It was great to hang out and get caught up, and to laugh over crazy Seinfeld episodes.
Enjoy the pictures! Wish I would've taken a few more...


We just got back from a crazy fun trip! We drove 12 hours the first day to get to San Francisco so we could fulfill Jonah's "lifelong" trip of touring Alcatraz. What a fun time! The girls, Abram, and I hung out on the Wharf while Jon took Joe on the tour. Then we headed down to Southern Cal to get in some good visit time with my family!

Someone Turned 10! Double Digits, Baby!!


Wednesday, December 01, 2010