Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Times

We bought an old house. 100 years old, in fact. No, this post is not about our house but about the fact that it seems like every Monday we (Jon) end up workin on the old old house. Replacing windows, painting, fixing dry rot, fixing the porch...the list is a mile long. So, finally this momma had enough of the every Monday is another work day routine and suggested that the last Monday of the month be family day. This Monday we ran into a few problems in the form of a needed chiropractor appt and a parking lot where the freeway used to be, but we FINALLY got downtown and were ready to use our friends' tram passes then we were going to head home for pancakes. Well, it was kinda late and if you know the Brawley's you know we eat at 5. So we hit up the very first Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown which also happens to be like 5 blocks from the tram station and filled up our bellies first. Then we rode the silver bullet that is the OHSU sky tram. The kids loved it and were so surprised! Yay for some family fun!

Ballet Brynne

Once again the girlie is enrolled in ballet and she is ALL business. Nothing gets in the way of this girl and her dream! Now if we can only find her lost ballet slipper...

Princess BooBoo

Friday, September 02, 2011

A Day at the Griffins

Kayaking, berry picking, water fountain, and a BBQ to boot!

A Baby Shower for Baby Bean

My friend Steph is having her first baby this month and so Emilie and I threw her a shower in our yard. It was a great time and a beautiful day

Umatilla, the armpit of Oregon

The only good thing about Umatilla is meeting exactly half-way with friends from Spokane. Floating on the Columbia River wasn't too shabby, either.



More Canada Pix


Here are just a few pictures from our camping trip to Canada. It was so fun to get all the kids together and adults, too. We hadn't been to Kelowna in 6 years, so it was fun to see where everyone was living and to see the relatives who came from Kamloops, too! (Thanks for making the drive!) we camped for three nights, then headed to Stewart and Tobi's for two more. Leire (our Basque exchange student from three years ago) flew in and met us there, then drove home with us and has been with us for a month. She's endured much camping and screaming children and exhausted parents (Never. Planning. Three. Camping. Trips. In. A. Row. Again. Ever.) but it's been a great visit! We are trying to talk her into coming for the entire year next summer and do a year of University here. We'll see if she goes for it!

The Baby "Pow-Pows"

Abram loves guns and calls them "Pow-Pows". This morning he took some, put them in Brynne's baby stroller and pushed them around. Future NRA Pres?