Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We just got back from our trip to California. We stayed a week and had a great time! Below are all the pictures of our vacation.
Ava: "I'm so happy b'cuz I get another birthday!" Posted by Picasa
"What is it, Momma?"
"It's so pretty!"

Bepo and Joe watching the present-opening.

Sethie watching Uncle Jon, "My daddy's bigger than you!"  Posted by Picasa
Gammie with Sarah Ashley Holmes, 7 1/2 (almost). Check out the Boa and shoes!

Bepo gave Ava an Angelina Ballerina doll for her birthday. "It's not a dollie, it's a mousey!"

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My mom had cupcakes for everyone to celebrate Ava's third birthday...
Uncle John reading to Sethy
Seth Holmes, almost 2 years old! Posted by Picasa
The boys went with Papa Mel and the two Uncle John's/Jon's (respectively) to see the Redlands Bicycle Classic, a three day bike race with both men's and women's races. The timing was just right for them to see the women's race before we headed out of town. . .
Waiting to cross the street. . .
Better run. . .don't want to get hit!
Two buddies walking to the race. Jonah woke up that same morning and the first thing he said was, "Where's Micah? I want to play with him!" Posted by Picasa

Here they come!

Micah and Jonah (five months apart in age) watching the women ride by... Posted by Picasa
Jonah and his cousin Jayden, only 5 weeks apart in age, had a GREAT time in the pool playing with Jon and Jerry. They did Chicken Fights, played catch, and swam for hours. This is Jay going after a ball. The funny thing was that Jayden couldn't remember Jon or Jerry's names (or maybe he wasn't sure what to call them--since Jonah was calling them Dad and PopPop, but he knew that they weren't his Dad or PopPop...) so he kept yelling all day, "Hey Mister! Excuse me Mister!"
Jon was very tired after all the exercise the boys gave him!
It was such a beautiful day! Posted by Picasa
Jonah was ready to get out. Posted by Picasa
Isn't she beautiful?! Our niece Grace Townsley Busch, 9 months old.
All smiles! Posted by Picasa
Auntie April ("Bepo") talking to Ava, Jamie, and Grace at PopPop and Nana's casita. Posted by Picasa
"Bepo" with Jonah and Jayden--too very tired boys who wanted to "dwim and dwim and dwim" (swim). Posted by Picasa
One should NOT get sick on vacation. Tired Jon and sick Ava.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our day at Disneyland! Jonah and Ava both liked the "ride stuff" (Ava only went on a few slow ones). We thought she would really like meeting Cinderella but it was all a bit intimidating for her so we stayed a safe distance away. We had so much fun and were so glad we went. Posted by Picasa
Momma and the little Rellie in front of Fantasyland.
In awe of Sleeping Beauty's castle. Posted by Picasa
Ava's first ride was going to be Peter Pan with Jonah, but she saw the evil queen from Snow White in the window across the street and got scared, so Jonah had to go on that with only Jon. We took Ava on Small World instead and she was scared at first but then she LOVED it and talked about it all day. Posted by Picasa
Our little Toon Town drivers
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