Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You don't have to wonder what this girl's thinking...

Brynne (2 years, 4 months) last night at dinner: Aba (Ava)? Aba! (growing in intensity) ABA!! Where ABA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brynne running up to Ava when reunited this morning (Ava spent the night at a friend's house): Aba!! ABA ABA ABA ABA!!!!!!!!!!
Brynne today in the movie theater (good thing it was the cheap theater for her first time): Aba? Aba! Aba!!! ABA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sit ABA!!!!!!!!!
Needless to say, she loves her sissy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bela & April Ispas!!!

My sister April got married on Sunday! We had a fabulous week in California before the wedding and were so blessed to be able to stand up for Bela and April at their wedding. We admire them both so much, they both had given up personal dreams and goals in pursuit of what God had for them (in Romania serving the poorest of the poor), and He blessed them and gave them both the desire of their heart in the process. Congrats you guys, we love you and hope your home in Romania is fruitful in both ministry and children!! :)
(These photos were taken by Kris Baurenfiend, a dear friend of April's who was also in the wedding)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ava, Brynne, and I flew down for my sister April's bridal shower on Friday. It was a really nice shower--click here for pictures. My sister JoAnna and I have been having fun goofing off and playing with the kiddos. It's been a great time and tomorrow it gets even better when Jon and Jonah join us for a week of wedding prep before the big day next Sunday.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Elisabeth's Rational and Irrational Fears--Part 3

Tonight I experienced one of my fears: something spicy in my eye.
I never thought it would be so painful to have a red chili pepper flake in my eye, but let me tell ya, it ain't no picnic.
We were finishing our dinner and I rubbed my itchy allergy eyes--without thinking, of course. I dropped the plates I was holding and ran inside to get some water.
Jon ran into the kitchen as I was freaking out and crying for help, at first he didn't know what was going on, he thought I just got a piece of dust or something stuck in there. I could hardly open my eye, it was burning so bad, and I just could not make myself open it! I was balling like a baby and yelling for him to help me, he finally says, "You need to CALM DOWN!"
Then I started flushing and flushing with water, trying to get it out (I wasn't even sure there was an "it" to be gotten--maybe it was just the chili residue from my fingers?) but then I realized too late that I had cranked the HOT water instead of the cold, so that made it just a little worse. About ten minutes later I am still flushing my eye and I mentioned again that it stinks to have a chili flake in your eye. Jon goes, "What?! No wonder you're freaking out!"
I finally gave up on the flushing and was walking around with it still burning (it has to stop eventually, right), when I felt something come down from under my eyelid--it was a RED chili pepper flake.
Needless to say, I ran outside to show Jon.
I think I prefer to keep the spicy stuff out of my eyes, next time!

Piano Recital





Jonah and Ava had their first piano recital this weekend. They did so great! Ava kept looking at the audience out of the corner of her eye, and after Jonah was done he took a big huge bow, flipping his hair and all. A born performer!
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Friday, June 05, 2009

Cutie Boo


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Brynne had some chocolate ice cream and got more on her face than in her mouth!