Monday, August 01, 2011

Brynne & Paige

These two are two peas in a pod.
I love that.

A Day on the Lake

We had a great time at Uncle Ernie and Aunt Pat's house last week! The kids loved jumping in the water and even Gooey went on a boogey-board with Daddy.

Our Worm Farm

Welcome to Cherry Blossom Worm Farm!
We are thrilled you came by.
There are lots of worms to feed and lots of holes to drill for their new abode, but we have a little "mini Jon" for that!

"Have you met..."

"my little friend?!"
That's his line when he walks around in this get-up.
I'm happy my "big boy" still isn't so big that he won't play things like this...It makes me happy.

Downy Dunk

"Rebecca" and "Cherri-Emma" had some problems with their hair.
It was too frizzy.
So, their owners put them in Downy for 24 hours.
This is supposedly the cure for frizzy doll hair.
Unfortunately, it wasn't. . .
But it does make for some funny photos!