Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More "Ava-isms"

Ava cracks me up! The other day she was telling Daddy to scare Jonah while getting ready for bed:
Jon: Do you want me to hide and jump out and scare him?
Ava: No, just come up behind him and give him a little "Hi there"!

And this morning I let Jonah have his Wii time early-on, and he passed a certain galaxy he had been trying to beat yesterday:
Ava: Oh, Praise the Lord!
Momma: Ava, you crack me up!
Ava: Do I laugh you out!?!


Lylah said...

my grandkiddos say the funniest things...but, ava takes the prize! made me laugh....and think of her sweet little face.

you're a great mom! and, i LOVE the new look.


JamieB said...

she laughs me out, too

ian said...

Can I use that one, Ava? "Laugh you out"?

And I always get a little scared when Jon gives me a little "hi there." He sent me a text message today that basically said "hi there" and it was SCARY.

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

and i thought the "praise the Lord" was awesome. glad to know Ava's funnier than my kids =)