Friday, August 29, 2008

The Homeschool Family

"Oh, the misconceptions..."


mamma g said...

That is So hilarious! Makes me want to join you...we just need a few more kids!

gowardo said...

Haha, that's awesome. And true

JamieB said...

hahahahaha! we are cracking up. put that on your facebook.

Christine said...

Seriously laughing out loud! That was great... The boys watched it with me, and as it finished they started clapping and shouting: YAH!
What a hoot... ;o)

angela said...

Too funny!


Krisbby said...

There are far too many posts I'd like to comment on...but as this is the most recent I decided to say something here. You look beautiful in those model the fun hair. Your shrug is very cute and even better because you did such a great job making it. The sales rep is hillarious...I think you better watch out for when she is a teenager...good debating skills in the making.

You asked how we are doing and the short answer is that we are doing well and the long answer is that this has probably been our toughest year. I'd love to really catch up sometime...but would rather do it via the phone. Hope your family is doing well...they are so precious!

Laura said...

What a great video, Elisabeth. I'll be passing this on to my friend Bev, a fellow homeschooler, who I know will get a good laugh.

Kintigh Family said...

Ha the song, especially being one of those kind of kids growing up! Hopefully I can prevent Sophie from turning too weird when she reaches that age.
I think of you guys often. The blog is always fun updates. Hope all is well.
We're busy with life. Sophie is already one! Time flies.
Let's keep in touch. It'd be fun to catch up one of these times I'm up in Portland again...Josh is at the seminary every other week.
Love, ANNA