Thursday, October 30, 2008


Not for us! Ava and I love puzzles. I remember doing puzzles with my GG (Grandma Grace) when I was little. Ava's Nana bought this 100 piece puzzle for Jonah, and while he hasn't really been interested, Ava's been tackling it often.
Complete with Cheetos on the side.
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JamieB said...

ooooo i love puzzles, too! sometimes when i know adam out of town for a few days, i'll buy a puzzle instead of a book. and watch movies when the kids are in bed and work a puzzle. when i see her next, i'll make sure to have a puzzle. and watch out, she'll prob get a ton of puzzles for christmas now! i know what i am going to be looking for... :)
love you...

April said...

if you buy her the puzzles, i'll buy her the cheetos!
wait!!! what kind of mother are you? cheetos???? :)