Thursday, July 29, 2010

Campin' at Cannon Beach

The Brawler's have a new member of the family...where we sleep and cook while'll have to stay tuned for pics since I am lame and forgot to take any.

These guys are extended-family. The Kelowna cousins drove down for a few days at the beach and we were so glad to visit, even if it was short and sweet.

Abey's following the gap-toothed-tradition. And am I dreaming or is that blond hair I see?
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Jennifer said...

I love Brynne's outfit! I saw it at Target and wanted to get it for Hannah, but they didn't have her size.

Noah has a gap in his teeth too.

Kindra said...

Both my kids are gapped toothed cuties as well....and Abe....what a SWEET face!!

Anonymous said...

great pic of Judah's bum! Thanks for the tag...great to see you guys for a bit ;)er

jo said...

yep blond!!!