Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Well, I may be a day late (and a dollar short?) but here we go anyhow--It's National Blog Posting Month!!
Here's what's been the happs at the Brawley's of late:
-Jon found rot (gasp!) on the corner of the front porch, and has been redoing it as well as venting and improving the design of the pillars.
-Jonah is enjoying school, but maybe not so much the homework!
-Boo is a happy and rascally three year old and her personality reminds me of both Tom Kitten and Peter Rabbit as she is constantly fighting restraints and getting into mischief...hmmm...maybe we should ease up on the Beatrix Potter.
-Ava loves all her friends at school and is fitting right in. She adores her teacher and makes her little cards that say "I Love You Mrs. King!" every week. This makes me so happy!
-Abram is crawling and its so cute how he works so hard to go about three feet-can't wait till he figures out that walking is much easier!
-Jon celebrated a birthday last week (stay tuned for pictures!)
-I (elisabeth) have really been enjoying my gym membership and especially love the step class, although it took me about six visits to get the rhythm down....I have no idea where i get it. ;)
-Jon finished a 1400 page book on Systematic Theology--sheesh!
-The SF Giants (Jon's fav team) finally won the World Series! Some of you might not be as thrilled about that as we are!!
-Ava has been attending (well, missing) art class once a week. She has only been able to get to one of them between sickness and a Halloween Carnival they had at the community center.
-Brynne LOVES her ballet class!
-Jonah is all about Mario Kart Wii-he eats, dreams, pianos, iPods, and homeworks it.
-Jonah is still playing piano and does really well but I think some of the "novelty" has worn off and now it's all about learning how to stick with it.
Well, that's the short of it for each of us, and I guess it adds up to a longish list...if you want more please check back each day this month!
Love to all of you.


JamieB said...

yay!! you, too!!!
loved your description/comparison of Boo :)

Kindra said...

Wow, girl you just tired me out reading this. Sounds like things are good, except for the rot...bummer. :(

jo said...

ya!!!!! love the updates.

April said...

nice work...so glad we get to read more about what you are up to this month!