Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm dying over Pinterest. Seriously don't know why I didn't join long ago when I first heard of it...oh, prob something to do with feeling like I was being pulled in five different directions and not wanting to take the time to learn something new. But, oh! The wonderful works of Pinterest! I am so ecstatic to have a place to organize all those lovely images I come across on the WWW but never can remember where or what exactly. It took Jon leaving and going to Alaska for a week and me being bored enough to paint the stairwell, weed the yard (almost the whole 1/2 acre), make a bazillion cookies, watch four movies (2 of which were with Tonya--what a pal), and run out of books to read before I remembered! PINTEREST! and I'm never looking back.

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Jennifer said...

I discovered it recently too and could spend hours on the site!