Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elisabeth's rational and irrational fears...part one

I have a fear of lice. Yes, that is a picture of a human head louse. If I ever had that on my body I think I would throw up. And go buy about 10 bottles of lice shampoo and then do enough laundry to cleanse a third-world country. I took a bunch (well, 6) of kids to a movie today and was reminded once again of this fear (you'll never put your head back against that seat without thinking of it now, either). None of my kids have ever had lice, but let me tell you, this is one of my main reasons for homeschooling...well, sort of kidding.


Jennifer said...

That picture is disgusting! I've heard that olive oil gets rid of lice. When I was a teacher, I had students that had to be sent home because they had lice. I had the nurse check my head a few times because I was afraid that I might get it. I've been hesitant to put my head back on movie theater and airplane seats too.

la femme elisabeth said...

oh no, i hadn't thought of airplane seats! and we are going on an airplane tomorrow!! auuugghhh!! :)

Lylah said...

Now...that's funny!

I'm redoing one of my mentoring women sites...and adding a Moms Blog page with links...i'd love to add that ok?

Let me will be on the site...which should be up the end of the week.

blessings...see u tuesday??? lylah

PS...i think of the head rest thing too...:-)

JamieB said...

I get the itch, even if i have been exposed three people removed... I have heard if you use hairspray around your hairline, something in it repels it. I can't prove it, but i told it to april when she went to india because they all told her it isn't if you get it, it's when you get it! and she never got it! that's all the proof i need.
love you and have fun in the sun in az... call me when you get home.

Jennifer said...

We're going on an airplane tomorrow too. Do they make travel size lysol? Have a great trip!

Angela said...

WE had some neighbor kids who had head lice and let me tell you I was paranoid for a bout a month the my kids could have somehow got! And they didn't have contact with them! I just thought maybe the lice could have jumped over the fence! The sad thing is that the little neighbor girl had lice for like 4 months! I 've heard it should only take 2-4 weeks to get rid of! YUCK! I am with you on this one! I would totally scour my house if my kids ever got it, Lord willing they never will!

have fun on vacat...

angela :-)