Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coins and Cakes

This morning I was getting ready in the bathroom while Jonah and Ava were playing "Coin Adventures" in Jonah's bedroom. I am not sure of the rules of this particular form of make-believe, but I know that they pretend the coins (pennies, dimes, nickels) are little people and make little houses for them, etc. This is what I overheard:
Ava: Jonah, pretend that it's this guys married day and they were going to have a party to celebrate.
Jonah: No, Ava, it's a party to celebrate that he killed the dragon and rescued the princess.
Ava: But, Jonah! I want it to be his married day! He needs to get married!
Jonah: Why do you always want to make it into such girl-ish stuff?
(then a few minutes later). . .
Ava: So it's his married day and they are going to kill the dragon, right?
So funny.
Then, in Arizona, we celebrated Jon's 33rd birthday. At dinner I said to the kids "Let's tell Daddy what we like the best about him." Ava said, "I like his cake!"


Jennifer said...

Very cute! I think Ava and I would get along great! I love cake as much as she does!

I clicked on your ClustrMaps icon and noticed all your links to lice removal websites! You are so funny! :D

Anonymous said...

That is really funny! I love the difference between how boys and girls play. And, yes, my feet are swollen. I can't find any shoes that fit, so I "flip" it as long as the weather will allows. 5 weeks to due er