Monday, September 22, 2008

J & E Vaca-tion at the O-cean

This weekend we dropped the kiddies off with willing Grandparents and headed out for three relaxing days to Cannon Beach with our good friends Ian and Mindy.

This is how Ian looked the whole time because he kept filming us with his new video gadget thing (what are those things called anyways?)

The last day we drove home through Astoria (since I'd never been). This is near where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific. Several tankers and a cruise ship were making their way on the river today.

Ian slept the whole way home.

Jon scratched this on a huge wall amidst other "natural graffiti". I thought it was so sweet until he continued to scratch out this:

"KISS Rocks"

Ian and Mindy at Haystack Rock

Being silly on the beach

My feet, my book (courtesy of my mom), and my coffee. I was happy, indeed.
Other highlights from the weekend included: Watching "Once" (all but the last 20 minutes when the DVD player broke), renting "3:10 to Yuma" until we figured out the DVD player really was broken), beating Ian at Hearts, drinking really great wine (courtesy of Jerry), having Jon ring the bell at the Cannon Beach Conference Center and us all running down the street like we were pulling off a tremendous and original prank, eating loads of candy, sleeping all we wanted, not having to wipe anyone's booty except our own, walking on the Oregon beach and not freezing, going on a beach weekend and not having to put on a bathing suit (yeah, all you girls know what I'm talking about), and eating fresh seafood (hey, I can appreciate it when it's fried).
We just had a wonderful wonderful time.


Jennifer said...

Looks like a great time! Cute pictures of you and Jon!

April said...

so fun...made me miss Oregon. and you...because i was laughing out loud at you and jon and your silliness that i love.

Laura said...

What a wonderful vacation!! I'm happy for your two. Couples need to get away and spend "fun" time together. Great photos!

Buschy said...

If you look closely at the Haystack pic, you can see a pirate ship coming out of the rock!!!