Thursday, September 18, 2008

When Life Gives You Pears, Plums, and Apples...

The back of my van yesterday.
All organic, all from Louise and her neighbors.
Oh, yes...

I made some chutney this morning. This didn't even make a dent in the plethora of fruit we have. I am going to share the wealth with some fruit lovin' friends.

An Indian "relish" made with any kind of fruit. I made this one with plums.

My hubby's cousin Richard's recipe for super yummy chutney:
1/2 t cayenne
2 t salt
1 3/4 C red wine vinegar
6 mashed cloves garlic
2 1/3 C sugar
1 T garam masala
1/2 C golden raisins
2 1" pieces grated ginger
6 C chopped fruit
Cook at least one hour until thickened. Seal in clean jars.
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The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

can i be a biblical form of good jealousy here? definitely one thing i miss about the northwest- the amounts and variety of fresh fruit!!!!!!!! i could stare at that first picture all day =)

Emilie said...

Looking at your last few blogs makes me hungry

JamieB said...

holy crap - you could come to texas and make a fortune (or give it away!)... the produce aisles are so bare these days. funny, huh? in one part of the country, you have plenty, but here we are scraping to get needs met (not us, but our city). just a thought...

Mel Folkertsma (AKA Dad, Grampa) said...

I'm slow. Does that "holy crap" line have something to do with the prunes? ;-)

Lylah said...

wow....this is wonderful! great looking recipe!