Friday, November 28, 2008

Arizona Visit 2008

We've been so busy the past few weeks that I am just now getting these on the blog. We went to visit Poppop and Nana in mid-November and had a great time with them as well as with some friends and family. My sister JoAnna and her family drove 4 hours to see us and the Griffins are on furlough there, too. We celebrated Jonah turning 8 and had incredible weather (the kids swam everyday!). Jon and I were blessed by being able to go on lots of dates and the kids were blessed to have some good Nannie-Poppop time, too. It was a great vacation! (If you want to see the captions for the pictures click on the web-album link after the slideshow)


jo said...

Good to see you had a great time!! We had a blast with you---XOXOXOX

makaena said...

Looks like it was FUN!



JamieB said...

i know what #2 is, and have heard of #1 and sometimes #3... but dare i ask, what is #4?
i am only saying this cause i am so jealous that i didn't get to see you and jo...
who knows, maybe soon??

April said...

lots of fun and sunshine. sooo jealous....and that baby brynne...i cannot wait to squeeze her. i hope she lets me :)