Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 2008

Jonah was Luigi (from Super Mario Bros), Ava was Dorothy (dress made by Gammie), and Brynne was Toto (in purple jammies). We went trick or treating with some friends in our neighborhood and had a blast! The best part was when one lady gave the kids pennies. Ava came running down the front walk and said "That is a SPECIAL house!! She gave me a PENNY!"


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks darling!! Love, gammie

April said...

yes, they do look so great. i love that picture of the 3 kids and brynne's huge smile.

JamieB said...

so cute!! that toto - i think you should keep her!
what a great idea to dress up like luigi! and of course, there's no place like home for dorothy!