Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gammie and Papa Visit

Abram met his Gammie and Papa Mel for the first time last week. It was wonderful to have the help my mom provided--she cooked and cleaned the whole time! Papa Mel wrestled with the older three kiddos and got them all riled up just in time for dinner and bedtime every night. Guess it's a Grandpa's privilege. And while it sounds like I'm complaining, might I also say that it's a parents have them making great memories for the little ones--even while I shout in the midst of the chaos: "Go wrestle in the basement!!!"

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Mel (AKA Dad, Grampa) said...

Chaos? What chaos? Those kids were beating me. It was elder abuse I tell you!

Laura said...

Great pictures of your parents with little Abram. Grandparents are great and I'm so glad you got to have this visit together.

Mel (AKA Dad, Grampa) said...

I totally loved being there with you all. Wish I could have done more:)mom