Thursday, February 02, 2012

Supr Spellerer

Jonah made it to the School Spelling Bee this year!
Each class grades 3-8 sends two students to compete against each other, for a total of 14 competitors.
The winner of this round goes to the Regional Spelling Bee somewhere in Portland.
Does he look nervous...?
His first round...I think he's looking at me for support...and for letters?
Just kidding, I would never do that...
He did so well.
Made it to the last 3, with two 8th grade girls...
Got "schooner" but alas, missed on "romaine"
We think he's one heck of a guy...and so smart.
I asked him if he was pleased with his performance, to which he said,"Yup."
By the way, every kid in his class was pulling for him, and after he got out he had to give
24 high-fives :)
Great job, Jonah!

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Mel (AKA Dad, Papa Mel, Grampa) said...

Gotta love that Tee Shirt for a spelling bee.