Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beach Vacay 2013

 We gather at Cannon each summer for some good times with family from B.C. 
 Ava blowing some bubbles at Arcadia State Beach
 Jonah with Auntie Heather
 This was the second time it landed on Abram's birthday.  He turned 4!
 Helping Batman cross the street
 Sweet sisters
 Abram tells Jon "Hey Bubble MAN!  Blow! Your! Bubbles!"
 These little cousins had an instant connection.  Princess games will do that for you!
 Photo by Jonah (12)
 Astoria, Oregon...and this is how our family photos go these days
 Poppops burying Ava in the sand on a hot day at Arcadia Beach
 Uncle Greg & Auntie Dawn with Nana & Poppop
 Erin sharing her salt water taffy
 After everyone left Cannon our little (big) family headed 20 minutes north to Astoria...this is before the wooden airplane don't want to know.
 The next day we went south to Tillamook and visited the cheese factory for the first time ever!  Yum!
 Okay, so these photos got mixed up...but here we are waiting for the trolley in Astoria.  It was about an hour guided tour and only cost $1 each.  So fun & time for everyone to veg out for a bit.
 Bathroom break made fun at a fort somewhere in Washington...check out Ava in this photo!
Vacation wears you out...and sometimes you sleep with one eye open.

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