Thursday, September 06, 2007

I miss my hot tub

A lot has been going on in my brain lately. It would be kind to say that I have only been "fuzzy". Consequently I haven't been able to remember the smallest of details (just ask April). Like why I am going to Gresham on Thursday night? Or that I am even going to Gresham. Where's Gresham again??
My little boy has been in school for three years (yes, he's 6 and no, he's not stupid. Two preschool years and one year of K) but last week when asked by his Sunday School teacher when he starts school he replied, "I'm not going to school this year. I think I'm just going to stay home." He's right. We start homeschooling in just two weeks. Tonight my friend Mindy and I went to a coffee shop to organize our individual homeschool curriculi (curriculums?) and I could hardly focus. I reread everything at least three times.
What's on my mind?? I'm glad you asked:
1)My sister recently sold almost everything she owns and packed the rest into boxes (now snug in my attic) so she can move to Romania and serve others for the rest of her life. That's a BIG thing on my mind.
2)Homeschool. I am inwardly FREAKING out while outwardly saying I'm OK.
3)I have three kids now. And one of them just started eating no-so-solid food (why do they call it solids anyway?). That's a lot of cooking and freezing into ice-cube portions to remember to do.
4)Life group just restarted again last night and I felt mildly punked about something in my marriage, namely letting my husband be a MAN and being his helper, not the other way around.
5)One of the girls I grew up with lost her dad to cancer not long ago. Life is so precious and so short. Her kids are now growing up without their Grandpa.
6)A friend of mine who was almost full-term with a baby boy has to make funeral arrangements for him instead of painting the nursery.
7)My son has been pretty naughty lately. And I am so drained from talking and talking and talking and it not sinking in.
9)I've been thinking about people I grew up with in the Inland Empire of California. What they are doing? How many kids they have? Do they still walk with the Lord?

I'm really not trying to complain. And I am not saying that I am even worried about these things. Just that they are on my mind. I guess I could say something really trite now about casting my cares on the Lord. But the truth is, that's...really... hard.
And aren't blogs really just online web logs/journals? The diary that everyone reads? The fact remains that any time in my life that I have ever kept a diary it has been written with the thought in the back of my mind of "What if someone reads this?!" (you know you think that every time you pull out that journal at Starbucks!). And really a blog is the ultimate form of exposing ourselves to the world-wide-everyone-else. Or at least the parts that we want seen.
So (raise your glasses with me) here's to the guy who bought our house in Clackamas and subsequently a hot tub. May he relax many a night beneath its hot waves. Tonight I could have used one.


brooke said...

that is ALOT to deal with at once.
do you want sympathy, ideas or just a listening ear, because i'm good at all those.

la femme elisabeth said...

thanks, B. I think i just needed to write about it cuz now i feel much better. :)

Angela said...

How bout some chocolate cake! LOL! Just kidding...

IN Christ,

Angela :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for being so brave to share more than just a "pretty face" on your blog Elisabeth. I hope that you are able to see through the fog of this day, and may God give you grace and strength for all that you are bearing right now! I admire Erin

Anonymous said...

WOW...can I give you a hug?? Your sissy is moving away? I mean I went to the garage sale but, like you, it didn't click in my brain! I just about cried reading about a friend having to make funeral arrangements instead of painting her nursery....uggg oh my goodness how difficult!
Anyhoo! I hope be seeing you folks more often!

Laura said...

Dear Elisabeth,
Thank you for sharing...I can relate to your example of the great many thoughts that are on our minds at any given time. Is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed? Know that I share this same experience with you.


JamieB said...

i am so there for/with you. esp the not-so-solid food thing, and the sister moving away... im here if you want to talk. i have a great tub here if you want to come over! i'll spoon-feed brynne for you!