Saturday, September 15, 2007


-Gammie gave Jonah and Ava each a dollar bill. Jonah's response? "Gammie, can I trade this one dollar bill in for a five?"

-I was tucking Ava into bed last night and she gave me a really long hug and said "Momma, I love you soooo much! Like fifteen dollars!"
Then tonight, I tucked her in and said "I love you fifteen dollars!" Ava said, "That's what I was gonna say!" I then asked her what the biggest amount of money she could think of was. "Um, fifteen dollars. No, sixteen dollars! Then I love you sixteen dollars!"

-This morning Mindy and her kids were over and when they left her van wouldn't start. We unloaded the kids to go play while we figured it out and they were yelling, "Hooray! The car broke down! Now we can play! We're staying here forever!" The adults, of course, see dollar signs while the kids would gladly give up any extras for the month just for a few more minutes to play with their friends. So sweet.


Angela said...

Very cute!

brooke said...

i love you 20 dollars!