Friday, January 04, 2008

Lost But Not Forgotten

Oops--I lost these pics! I knew I had them somewhere and found them today in my email inbox. Just goes to show ya...
Above is Jon and myself eating Christmas dinner at Will and Heather's house. They were excellent hosts and even agreed to let the kids eat Christmas dinner on their beautiful leather couches to which this mommy said "NO WAY, JOSE!"

At a Christmas party with Jerry and Louise's old friends. There were like 35 people there or something insane but it didn't feel
crowded at all; it was really fun (especially learning to play Canasta afterward!) and one of the grandpa's even
dressed up like Santa and entertained the kiddos.

Our friend Santa with Ava on his lap--so cute! (I think she's pointing at me to get the answer to his question--if she was good this year)

Jonah asked him if he was real so Santa had him touch his arm and said, "Do I feel real?" Great response! I'm not sure Jonah was buying it, tho...
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