Monday, January 14, 2008

Tornado Strikes the Northwest--What?!?!

I have a small fascination with tornadoes. Perhaps this fear stems from my childhood. My family (Dad, Mom, four girls) took a three week long trip when I was eight and drove all over visiting relatives in Michigan (among other places). Among the memories I have of that trip (JoAnna telling everyone to call her "Decade" from now on because she was ten; Me telling Aunt Mina that she had a wart on her nose when it was a mole; April sleeping a lot--heh, isn't that every trip?; Jamie and I wearing a matching outfit) one stands out of a visit to Aunt Dot's house and a tornado warning we received. We had to all bunker down in the basement. Everyone was very chill and I am sure those warnings are commonplace in most of the Midwest. I thought it was all very exciting and loved telling my friends when we got back to school that we were very close to dying in a tornado (just a slight childhood exaggeration!).
Anyway, a few days ago there was a tornado that went through Clark County, Washington (Vancouver). Check out the news info here. So crazy! And to think we survived. :) --e

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Angela said...

Told ya Vancouer was an exciting place!


angela :-)