Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Girls...

While having his 7 year-old photos taken yesterday:
Photo guy (trying to get Jonah to smile): Say "Girl's Stink!"
(Jonah belly laughs)
Photo guy: I bet you have a lot of girlfriends, huh?
Jonah: Uh, no. I homeschool.


ian said...


Jennifer said...

Very cute! You can still have girlfriends if you homeschool! :D

angela said...

hmmm, now i know why you homeschool!



you need to read my most recent post "kids say the dardnest things"

brooke said...

spoken beyond his years.
reminds me of the opening scene in "mean girls"

candace said...

i was homeschooled in middle school- the perfect age to keep the opposite sex away for sure. your kids say the funniest things- i love it!