Friday, March 21, 2008

Ava's Fancy

Ava's taken a fancy to Princess Barbies (B-day presents courtesy of Auntie Heather and Gammie). Almost every night she wants to take a bath with them and then we sit and brush their hair, get them dressed, and play. It brings me right back to playing Barbies with my sisters and friends. Girls are so fun!

Belle's got what my friend Ligaya refers to as "Big Hair Pride"

All the clean cuties together
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Anonymous said...

Hi sure look cute with your barbies!
luv Auntie Heather

Jennifer said...

Barbies were my favorite thing when I was little. My friends and I would pretend the Barbies were in pageants.

JamieB said...

Gracie recently got an ariel barbie... she loves it!