Friday, March 07, 2008

A Birthday

Ava wrote me a card (with Jon's help). Here's what it said:
"Mom, I Love (heart) U. But I always wanted a cat. AVA."
Nice to know I'm right up there with her heart's desire! :)
Jon took us all to DeNicola's for some super yummy Italian food. I had the veal parmesan.
(Name that movie: "Try the veil, it's the best in the city.")
Ava loved it because she could get noodles with butter and cheese and Jonah loves ravioli, so he was in heaven!
Jon had pizza, of course. :)

Ava really loved the spimoni ice cream! I guess she comes by this honestly...
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Angela said...

You ate a baby calf that was inhumanely raised just so it's meat would be tender? ;-(


Tobi said...

Happy Birthday! You are a very dear friend and I love you!

Mama Pearl said...

Get that girl a Cat...Hee hee.
luv Heather

jo said...

Thats weird, I probably would have thought about the veal(sorry lamb chop) and Sarah would have gotten the buttered noodles, and Big John would have gotten the Pizza. Seth and Micah are up in the air, but ravioli is a fav. at the holmes'

la femme elisabeth said...

Angela, i must admit your comment had me a little beside myself. yeah, i thought about the veal, too, but who can say how any of the animals we eat are raised nowadays? I mean, unless you buy free-range, organic everything--and even then you have to wonder! Most of the animals we eat are inhumanely raised, not just calves. Anyone who knows me knows that we eat as healthy and as natural as we can, including buying beef from an all natural grass fed rancher. We do what we can and we don't sweat the rest.
So thanks for your comment, but I think it's a little too early to judge me just by one meal. :)
I guess the only thing left for us all to do is go vegan.