Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Performance Night 2008

Ava, "Did you see my earrings?"
Paigey, "Shhhh!"
"If I were a robin in a tree, I'd thank you Father, that I can sing!"

We joined a homeschool co-op this fall called First Class Central Portland, or what everyone calls "Friday School" (cuz it's on Fridays). The kids LOVED it and so did I. We got to know many, many Christian homeschooling families and it was a blessing to go every week. The fall term is over but the last week they put on a performance night, where classes had a chance to show parents and families what they learned. Ava's kindergarten class as well as her Spanish class both sang songs, but Jonah did not have the chance to perform anything. They were asking for parents to sign kids up if the kids wanted to sing or play piano, or whatever, but I didn't even ask my kids if they would want to (normally they don't appreciate being in front of crowds). Well, it turns out Jonah is more like me than we thought and craved the spotlight. He was volunteering to even turn cartwheels across the stage in order to get in the program! His science teacher, our friend Jessica Zeigler, was kind enough to let him stand by the table she had set up and demonstrate the experiments as people came by. He was so stoked and bolted back there as soon as the official program was over. Now we are counting down until Friday School starts up again in mid February.
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April said...

i love the commentary of what the girls were saying...so cute.