Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Few Birthdays...

Ava is now SIX! I can hardly believe that it's been six years since this little girl was given to us! She is a joy to be around, says really funny things, and loves all things girly. Here she is hugging her new Hello Kitty blankie she got for her b-day.

Brynne is now TWO! She's a dickens with a strong will that defies even the toughest discipline sometimes but we are praying that she lets the Lord use that endurance for His will as she grows. (Oh, and she was copying brother "Do-do" biting his nails as seen below)

Jonah had a lot of fun eating cake and was a wonderful sport for all the birthday celebrations.

It was also my birthday last week! I am now too old to be asked how old I am! (J/K, I'm 32)
My friends surprised me on the morning of my birthday with yummy pastries and my fav coffee! I have the best friends!
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JamieB said...

they surprised you in the morning? and you look that awesome?? man, you are NOT old if you can pull 'first-thing-in-the-morning' off!
love ya...

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Elisabeth. Glad to see you have such wonderful friends, a blessing indeed!

Much love,