Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Girls

BooBoo with her first hair clip! My sis Jamie (click on her name to see her blog) just put up a post about how she was able to put her daughter's hair in two french braids...Well, we're just happy about this one little clip and not jealous at all...

80's Rocker Girl--She dressed herself that day. Jonah taught her how to do the rocker symbol with her fingers...What can I say except "Rock Band!"

Ava made this crown out of foil and construction paper and was very proud of it! (Jonah made one, too, but alas, wouldn't let me document it on film)

Just a cute pic of the Boo. It's so crazy how different these two girls look and how different their personalities are, too! Jonah just saw these pictures and said, "They have the same smile! I just saw it!"
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Laura said...

Great Pictures, Elisabeth. Brynne is looking so much bigger...Good for Jonah to notice the girls' similar smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!! I love the glee in their eyes. They are both sooooo beautiful!! Wish I could hug on them and give them kisses too. Love you all, Gammie

JamieB said...

i, too, love these pictures! it's really great to see how much they are growing.
love to see brynne's hair in that clip!