Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Heart San Francisco!

We were given a Chevron trip to San Fran (thanks Will & Heather!), so Jon and I dropped Brynne off with a friend, hopped on a plane with the two older rugrats and did some major sightseeing. What a beautiful city! To say we had a great time is putting it mildly. The hotel was beautiful and grand (the kids just wanted to swim in the pool--forget the sightseeing!), the city is easy to navigate (we didn't have to rent a car), and the travelers were troopers (especially since we walked 5+ miles each day).

Can't you see the excitement on his face...?

Arriving in the San Francisco Airport and catching the "Airtrain" (Jonah enjoyed that pun)

What fun is childhood unless you can jump on the bed in a fancy hotel??
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JamieB said...

WOW! you guys packed a lot in! looks like you made some great memories. and why didn't you all go to alcatraz? :)